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Packing Service

Here at Dumbarton Removals Ltd, we offer a full packing service if your to busy or on your own

Not Got Time To Pack?

D U M B A R T O N   R E M O V A L S

We Can Pack Your Goods

Should you require us to carefully pack all your possessions, ensuring that your removal is as stress free as possible, we would normally pack the entire contents of your house into clearly labelled crates one or two days prior to the removal (depending on the size and location of your home).

Packing Materials

Packing materials are another major moving cost. Many people under estimate the amount of time involved or amount of boxes or crates required. No move is complete without them, bubble wrap, and tape etc. Why not have Dumbarton Removals Ltd supply and deliver your moving crates, as there ideal, no more taping, strong to ensure your goods are safe, colour coded crates for different rooms, stackable, we also offer a full packing service for you if you dont have time, We now hire moving crates to anyone moving home locally in the Strathclyde area for only a small charge, delivery and collection fees apply. Please see prices below.

DIY Packing Tips

 Pack your kettle last, we might want a cuppa tea.
 Clearly label your boxes or crates for your new home.
 Dont make boxes to heavy, e.g. full of books, records.
 Be ruthless, If you dont need it, Bin or Recycle it!
 Wrap china or glass item individually and mark fragile.
 Put aside things you want to transport yourself.


Please note some furniture requires dismantling, At Dumbarton Removals we offer a flat pack furniture disassembly and re assembly service. If you wish us to do this please let us know prior to coming as some items require certain tools to be dismantled and can take more time, so there will be an additional charge for this service. Anything dismantled by our team will be re-assembled at your new home address if agreed. Please note that Flat pack furniture is not designed to be dismantled and re-assembled and as a result, any damage caused would not be covered by our insurance.

Looking For Packing Boxes for your house move?

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